My perfect fishing trip.

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What would be considered a fishing trip of a lifetime?   Well there are lots of factors to make it perfect.

1.  Fish are abundant with the odd monster to land prior to releasing, for many tales around the evening chats.  Great for taking pictures as well.

2.  The weather is in the high teens or low twenties for pleasant time on the water.

3.  Nice light breeze every day to keep the bugs away.

4.  Great company at the lodge for entertaining evening chat.

5.  The American plan dinners that are delicious and vary nightly.  Yes, fish does need to be on the menu.

6.  Entertaining hosts who go the extra mile for guests.

7.  Sharing it with a special someone for plenty of memories.

8.  Fishing lodge equipment (boats, etc.) that works perfectly without fail.

Put that together and anyone would be totally happy with their fishing adventure.  Just show up and create endless memories.