My Sister, My 1st Fish’n Guide

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Fishing Guide on My Sisters Big Red Tricycle

When I was 5 years old in the early 70’s, my sister and I LOVED TO FISH together.

We would spend the day sitting at the side of the ditch, in any weather, fishing with a rod and a piece of rope. Fantasizing of catching anything; even muskrats that were often seen swimming in the culverts, that may have been just sewer rats, we’d be in a happy place.

When the fishing wasn’t good, which it never was but once that I’ll tell the tale of later, we would hop on her big red tricycle, me on the back, and head to the neighbors ditches incase they were biting better there. Looking back, I realize my then 7 year old sister, was my first Fishing Guide.

We lived in a small neighborhood called Fenwood Gardens, South of Belleville Ontario. In the 70’s, we didn’t worry about dangers and had the best time fishing and travelling around on that big tricycle.

My sister was my fishing guide then, and all thru life, continued to help raise and guide me to be the person I am today of which I am very fortunate and thankful for.

If I were to win a getaway at a fishing lodge, I would want her and I to go together. With her being a Front Line worker and I an essential service worker, it would be an amazing time to fish together in water with possible catches, relax, but more importantly, laugh and reminisce about our past and look forward to our futures.

Now for the 1 Fish We Brought Home…

It was once again, a non-fish day for us so on the tricycle we went looking for a better ditch. I still remember us sneaking by the house, on her trike, as we headed further than we were allowed, to a bridge that went over part of a swampy area on the Bay of Quinte.

We met a few people that had been fishing in a boat, caught a mud cat and offered it to us. We happily accepted, not thinking it may raise suspicion that we’ve caught something in a ditch. With pride, we took it home!

We lived with our Grandparents and our Grandmother was so excited for us, she didn’t question the fish we “caught” in the ditch, even though we were using pop-tabs as hooks. I remember it was still alive, so she filled the 70’s green bathtub with water and put the fish in to swim around and show everyone else the fish we were so proud of.

I don’t recall whatever happened to the fish, but our Grandmother always believed we caught it until a few years ago. We were talking about the good old days and we nonchalantly finally fessed up. She laughed, called us stinkers and thankfully we’re old enough that we weren’t sent to our rooms or grounded.

Please vote for my Sister and I…it would be an adventure we’d never forget and love to share in further TALES with others; because any trip that I could take with her is my fishing trip of a lifetime!