Sebastian knows fishing

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My ideal fishing trip would be to Temagami. Fishing the lake for trophy, or even a fish, is so much fun. 

Sleeping in a tent, bacon and eggs cooked over a campfire, coffee and toast. A great breky before a day of fishing. Trolling, casting, drifting, drop shot, any way at all to catch fish. Having the guide tease the hell out of me as I am a rookie at this fishing stuff. Next a scrumptious shore lunch. Nothing better for your arteries than deep fried fish and potatoes and beans. But who cares. I am on the fishing trip of a lifetime. 

The walleye were so good at lunch. Now time to catch bass, big mouths and little mouths.  Oh the fight!!

A night time campfire, roasting marshmallows, or having a few wobbly pops. Just a few as the pike are calling early in the a.m. The guide is late, but only 5 minutes.  He asks what lb test I have; I tell him 4. I want a line class record when I land my big pike. He throws the rod away and gives me the appropriate line strength. Rookie remember. I hook into a pike. The fight is overwhelming. One hour later I stare down at a 5lber, arms killing me, guide on the bottom of the boat laughing his ass off. Rookie, he shouts,

get out and walk.

Just the most ideal fishing trip you can imagine!!!!