The One Exactly Like This!

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I can’t imagine a trip of a lifetime that isn’t something like these trips being offered. There is something to be said for a trip where you really just have to focus on one key goal (in this case catching some great fish) and not having to get distracted (or frustrated) by planning, preparing, and the additional work of having to do everything yourself to do some backcountry fishing, like packing all your camping gear – did you bring everything? Is there enough food (or beer)? Some things pull your focus (especially if something goes wrong or breaks) – like setting up an RV, getting a boat in the water, and the worst – having to clean camp dishes. It’s nice to think about having all food and accommodations – all yor basic needs – taken care of for you and you can just focus on fishing! It really would make it more enjoyable and memorable.

Thanks for reading, and good luck folks!