Introduced to Carp fishing

If I won who would I take and why?  My youngest son has a love for fishing and like many his age work and family come first. Starting up and running your own business requires long hours 7 days a week. I love watching the joy and excitement shown when that line alarm starts to […]

Top 5 Strategies For Multi-Line Fishing For Carp In Ontario

With the incredibly exciting announcement of a three-rod regulation for the pursuit of Common Carp in Ontario, I amongst countless Ontarian Carp anglers are jubilant for this incredible opportunity. In all the excitement, I have already found myself contemplating multi-line fishing strategies for carp in what is possibly one of the most prolific fisheries in […]

Ontario Announces New Enhancements (Up to 3 Lines) for Carp Fishing

TORONTO — Today, the Ontario government announced new regulations to make fishing for common carp more accessible. “I’m happy to announce that anglers will now be able to use up to three lines when targeting common carp in Fisheries Management Zones 12–20. This will help more anglers take advantage of Ontario’s world-class carp fishing opportunities,” […]

POLL: Should Carp be Considered an Official Game Fish?

This week’s poll is a hotly debated subject: Should Carp be Considered an Official Game Fish? Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you chose your answer! Don’t forget to tune into the Livestream on Tuesday, October 6th at 6:00 […]

Rice Lake, Ontario (Carp)

Location: Rice Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 15.135′ W078º 06.164′ Species: Carp This Fish’n Canada Carp Hotspot is on Rice Lake in Southern Ontario. Rice Lake, along with the rest of the Kawartha Lakes, is known as an all-around fantastic fishing lake—with Carp included. During a past Fish’n Canada shoot, we pre-fed the area with boiled […]

Top Five Urban Carp Fishing Spots in Ontario

Sunrise while urban carp fishing on Rideau

When I first became obsessed with carp fishing seven years ago (with a particular interest in urban carp fishing), it was mainly due to their enormity and endurance. However, I feel there is something to be said about the sport’s accessibility.  Being a university student, money seldom stayed in my pockets for long. At the […]

Baitrunner Reels VS Big Pit Reels for Carp: The Great Carp Gear Battle

Baitrunner vs Big Pit

INTRODUCTION Having the proper tackle when you are pursuing a specific species is a huge determinant as to one’s success. This means that having a suitable rod, reel, line weight, and terminal tackle for the fish you are pursuing makes for a more successful and enjoyable angling experience. Let’s focus on a REEL key component […]

$778 million Project To Stop Asian Carp Entering The Great Lakes

Mayor Mike Vandersteen from Sheboygan is the vice-chair of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. They are concerned about the damage if Asian Carp enter the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence. Mike joins us today to talk about the Brandon Road Project that would cost $778 million. They would like to add an […]

All About Carp – Episode 511

Carp fishing has come leaps and bounds in Canadian waters lately and we feel it’s for good reason. Since Carp “get it”, that’s finding an angler’s offering and taking the bait, followed by a rip-roaring battle, then they too should be on the sport-fish list. We get it that some will disagree, it’s a to […]

Hotspot – Lake Scugog Carp

Lake Scugog Carp – N 44° 09.410’ W 78° 54.902’ Today’s Hotspot, is a large clean bottomed flat on the fertile Lake Scugog in Ontario. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. This Hotspot can be accessed either from a boat or from the bank at Sunset Haven. The beauty of fishing hot […]