The Best Largemouth Bass Lures – (BasSmart Part 3)

Without really pointing it out, what I’ve been doing with this three-part blog called BasSmart is nothing more than following an old formula that we have been using on The Fish’n Canada Show for almost 40 years. It’s called KLP. K stands for knowledge, L is for location, and P is presentation. These are the three most […]

Fishing is a Head Game: The Importance of Confidence

Angelo Viola with Tobin Lake Northern Pike

Most of us are familiar with sports psychology and the vital role it plays in the lives and successes of today’s professional athletes. But have you ever heard the term fishing psychology? If I ask you what the single most important tool you have in your fishing arsenal is, what would it be? I’ll bet a […]

Crazy Way to Protect Yourself from a Bear

Coming up with innovative ways to adapt to Mother Nature’s rules is what most fishing lodge operators do on a daily basis, but this could be one of the most outrageous ideas for composting we’ve ever witnessed. Owner of Errington’s Wilderness Island in Ontario’s Chapleau Game Preserve, Al Errington, has been working in concert with […]

Outdoor Journal Radio: The Latest Pandemic Casualty

Just a quick note for those of you who may have missed the announcement a few days ago: Outdoor Journal Radio has gone into hiatus until some time in mid-August. The pandemic has been holding up our Fish’n Canada shooting schedule, but it now looks like we’ll be hitting the road very soon to try to catch […]

Where Bass Live and Eat – (BasSmart – Part 2)

Where Bass Live

BasSmart: Part 2 Where Bass Live and Eat In Part 1 we talked primarily about Largemouth Bass behaviour. Now we are going to drill deep into their habitat and the locations—basically, everything you need to know to track down Mr. LMB. Good Weeds Green weeds emit oxygen, which in turn promotes new life in the […]

Largemouth Bass Fishing 101 – (BasSmart – Part 1)

Largemouth Bass

BasSmart: Part 1 The Keys to Successful Bass Fishing (For the purposes of this blog, when I refer to bass, I am referring to Largemouth Bass only.) If you listen to some of the so-called experts, you might think you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in biology if you ever hope to hook up with a […]

A Temporary Cure for the Pandemic Blues

Cure for the Pandemic Blues

The Social Media Hive A Dip in the Deep End Although I am a very social person when it comes to live interaction with other human beings, I’ll be the first to admit that I have not yet fully been assimilated into the social media hive. Sometimes I feel that I am the only person […]

An FNC Pandemic Moment

Pandemic moment

Hey guys, If there is a bright side to this temporary madness called self-isolation, it’s that it gives us time to reflect and appreciate some of the things that we have been taking for granted for far too long. For over thirty years, Pete and I have been blessed to share our love for fishing […]

5 Tips For Fishing The Dreaded Cold Front

Dreaded Cold Front - 5 Tips

UNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION We have all heard the stories: “Not one bite all day—cold front came through,” or “We’re into a cold front, don’t bother goin’ out!” Or, most famously, “Ya should’a been here yesterday.” So, what is really happening? Basically, it’s about changes in barometric pressure—both in air and water—and the effect these changes […]

The Bear Facts: Ontario Proposes to Reopen the Spring Bear Hunt

Black Bear

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry John Yakabuski recently announced the start of the government’s consultation on the proposal to reopen the spring bear hunt. At first glance it may appear to be no more than a political ploy to garner some attention during the mid-winter doldrums, after all, consultation does not guarantee results but […]