Shore Fishing in New Brunswick | Best Places to Fish in New Brunswick

Nik V with Striped Bass

Over these last few weeks, after I sold my boat, I began to see where I could enjoy some shore fishing. I always hear the question asked, “Where can I take my kids fishing if I don’t have a boat?” There are many spots that offer excellent shore fishing in New Brunswick. Two good target […]

The First-Ever “Official” Atlantic Canada Largemouth Bass

Update: The original post indicated that Largemouth Bass have been in the St. John River since the late nineteenth century. In fact, Smallmouth Bass have been in the river since then—1890, to be exact. Largemouth have been in the river for only the last fifteen years.  After many years of competitive angling, my interest in […]

The Atlantic Anglers Challenge and the Need for Citizen Science

The Atlantic Anglers Challenge

Over the last number of years, I have interacted with many talented fishery researchers here on the east coast. One of the most troublesome things I have learned is how much we really don’t know about our fisheries. Governments have chronically underfunded recreational fisheries and any research studies required to understand our local species. This […]

Non-Traditional Species in Maritimes Need Political Assistance

Historically, East Coast recreational anglers have primarily targeted trout and salmon species. But given the habitat changes over the last 25 years, the reduction in overall stocks, and lack of successful fishing trips, many East Coast anglers have given up the sport in favour of more exciting endeavours. In the last five years, with events […]