How to Rig a Swimbait and Tube


Lucas Cairncross is back to teach you how to rig a swimbait and tube! In the videos below, Lucas takes you through the process for rigging your swimbaits and tubes. How To: Rig a Swimbait How To: Rig a Tube If you enjoyed watching him, don’t forget to subscribe to Lucas’s YouTube channel, Anything Goes […]

Easy Way to Put a Trailer Hook on a Spinnerbait’s youngest contributor, Lucas Cairncross, shows you how to put a Trailer Hook on a Spinnerbait—the easy way.  Never Without a Stinger The Fish’n Canada boys are no stranger to the importance of the trailer hook (or stinger hook), either. In this outtake from the popular Fish’n Canada episode, “All Access Smallmouth,” Pete describes […]