How to Use Wood to Find Largemouth Bass

If you want to know how to find Largemouth Bass, you need to be familiar with the types of cover the species most often utilizes. When it comes to cover in the world of bass, wood ranks high on the list. In fact, it’s right up there with submerged weeds, lily pads and rocks. Basically, […]

Lake Ontario Smallmouth Bass

Lake Ontario Smallmouth Bass: Freaks of Nature It’s been a while since I’ve hit Lake Ontario for Smallmouth Bass. Shame on me for letting the time pass. Why? Because it’s one of the absolute best smallie waters in the entire universe. Breaking down specific lake geography, it’s the eastern basin of Lake Ontario that tops […]

Top Five Northern Ontario Shore Fishing Destinations

Northern Ontario Shore Fishing

Fishing from shore has never been as popular as it’s become since the 2020 pandemic hit the world. People are digging deep, seeking outdoor activities that are not only safe from the spread of this nasty virus, but are also, simply put, fun to do. Although the urban areas situated near fishing waters will take […]

5 Shore Fishing Tips and Techniques You Need To Know

5 Shore Fishing Tips

Shore Fishing Tips: Believe it or not, fishing from shore is hugely popular worldwide. Let’s face it, we anglers will do whatever it takes to get out there. If it is shore-only access, we’ll take it. Fishing is in our blood. Some anglers that use boats (bass anglers in particular) bring forth a sense of […]

Garmin Panoptix Livescope Makes Catching Big Smallmouth Easier

I’ve been working a lot with our Garmin units, trying to dig deeper and deeper into each “fish-finding” screen. (These screens include Traditional, ClearVu, SideVu, Panoptix, etc.) People may think that guys like Angelo and me instantly turn our units on and start seeing fish in every direction. The truth is we turn the units […]

Opening Day: A Fun Start to the 2020 Bass Season

Well, with Bass season now in full swing for 2020, the long wait through another cold, Canadian winter is all but a memory. With the pandemic hitting us square in the ass, a day on the water during the warmer months is a relief. I went out for both the Ontario Zone 17 and 15 […]

Top 5 Modern Bass Baits and Tactics

Modern Bass Baits and Tactics

I absolutely love it when Bass season finally commences in my area. It’s the last opening day on the calendar and it’s my favourite. In actuality, it’s the only one that I celebrate with at least a boys’ get-together or, better yet, an actual “boys’ weekend” with some of my buds. It builds great memories—an […]

Is Perch Good To Eat? – From the Lake to the Plate


I think there’s a great misconception out there that Ang and I release “all” our fish. Before I even came on board here at Fish’n Canada, Angelo and Reno came up with the phrase “Catch Your Limit, But Limit Your Catch.” These two then relatively-unknown brothers in the fishing world were already heavily preaching the […]

5 Walleye Jigging Techniques You Need To Know

 Let me start this article by saying the following techniques can be used for a variety of fish species. I’m using Walleye as my main subject fish because of its popularity and the effectiveness that the jigging technique has on that particular fish species. The fishing “jig” is described online as: “Jigging is the practice […]

Why You Should Map An Uncharted Lake Before Fishing It

On a past trip to Ontario’s Algoma Region, Ang and I had a chance to really dig into one of Garmin’s extremely valuable features in the chartplotter/fishfinder world. This feature is called Quickdraw. THE LAKE We were based out of Buck Lake Wilderness Lodges and Outposts. Buck Lake (Lake Obakamiga) is a typical Ontario Walleye/Pike […]