Brian is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in alternative energy project management planning and installation. Through his business, Haliburton Solar and Wind, he works closely with clients to determine their needs and budget and produce viable project plans. As an accredited solar trainer Brian specializes in advanced off grid and hybrid grid tied battery based systems. He has been the recipient of many awards and acknowledgements across Canada and North America. Brian has created an educational centre and alternative energy park at Haliburton Solar and Wind for the public to promote awareness, provide education, and to demonstrate various energy options. Brian organizes and hosts workshops and seminars throughout the year on various alternative energy topics

On a personal note Brian believes in sustainable self-reliant living and exemplifies this through his own residence and lifestyle. Brian designed and built an off grid home in Haliburton County where he creates his own power from a wind turbine and solar arrays. As a horticulturist he also has extensive vegetable gardens that provide year round food. Brian looks forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise.