Top 10 Canadian Walleye Hotspots

Sponsored by Garmin Here is a top-10 list that is sure to get people searching into a future fishing trip. It was not that long ago that “Trout” were deemed as Canada’s most popular gamefish. But if you really dig into it, the word Trout on its own is quite generic. Had that category been […]

Top 5 Trophy Northern Pike Waters in Ontario

In this Fish’n Canada Top 5, we are giving you our opinions as to 5 fantastic Northern Pike waters in the province of Ontario. We understand there are MANY more, however, are our choices for this piece based on accessibility (remote or easy to get to), diversity in water body types, and size of the […]

Top 5 Walleye Lodges in Ontario

So, you have seen us time and time again, travelling to some of the absolute best fishing areas that the province of Ontario has to offer. Be it for Brook Trout, Bass, Muskie, Pike etc., they are all scattered throughout this great area. In this top 5, we are going to give you five (with […]

My Northern Ontario Experiences

By: Tim Sturgeon I have seen moose, eagles, beavers and been serenaded by loons. The drive-to lodge experience is something that stays with you the rest of your life. I have stories I come back with from each trip that I long to share, like the time a rutting bull moose was called to the […]

Top 5 “Big Water” Ontario Lake Trout Destinations

Baitrunner Vs Big Pit

With the ice nearly or already dropping out of Ontario lakes, it’s a time when the ice rods and reels are put away and the long sticks are back in action. It is also a time when boats hit the launch ramps and can once again, run trolling patterns, cast the cold-water shallows or vertical […]

Kevin Callan Reviews: Journey of 1000 Miles

Good news. Hank and Tanya’s second book – Journey of 1000 Miles – is now out in paperback form. It’s an incredible adventure! I’ve spent time with Hank and Tanya and their dogs at their Winterdance Dogsled Tours business in Haliburton, Ontario. They truly live an amazing life, and their latest book depicts it perfectly. […]

Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Fishing Lodge in 2021

With the “well, I never saw that coming” year of 2020 pretty much behind us, we thought that giving our readers some ideas and encouragement regarding the 2021 fishing season might put a smile on a face or two. Although we are again tumbling in reverse (provincial lockdown’s etc.) we are going to be 100% […]

The Ultimate Late Fall Bay of Quinte Walleye Fishing Guide


There is a fall fishing phenomenon that has existed for a long time now that is anticipated by plenty of hard-core anglers from both Canada and the USA. It normally starts in October and runs right into December. Of course, as per the title of this piece, we are talking about the annual Bay of […]

Fish’N The Arctic Update

Dolly Varden Char

Well, Great Slave Lake is at an all-time record high water level, and the fishing has been absolutely amazing. The high water sure has played a big part in helping get my boat into places I could not go before due to the shallow water. It’s also causing me to go to places that I […]

Shore Fishing in New Brunswick | Best Places to Fish in New Brunswick

Nik V with Striped Bass

Over these last few weeks, after I sold my boat, I began to see where I could enjoy some shore fishing. I always hear the question asked, “Where can I take my kids fishing if I don’t have a boat?” There are many spots that offer excellent shore fishing in New Brunswick. Two good target […]