Water, Water Everywhere

As a young boy, I developed a great interest in the inner workings of machinery. Investigating what made these intricate mechanical beings operate, soon became a lifelong endeavor. Over the years, questions and speculations about everything I was involved in, no matter the subject, raced through my head. The desire for knowledge grew substantially. Blending […]

Are Steelhead and a Rainbow Trout The Same Fish?

We recently received some comments on one of our web articles by a frequent website user Sammy T asking a couple of very legit questions: “ARE RAINBOW TROUT THE SAME AS STEELHEAD?” and “WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A LARGE RAINBOW TROUT AND WHAT THEY CALL STEELHEAD?” Thanks for this Sammy as it is an […]

Clear Water Vs. Dirty Water

Baitrunner Vs Big Pit

During this crazy summer of 2020, I had a rare chance to get together with my long-time fishing buddy, tournament fishing partner, public and high school pal and, of course, frequent beer-drinking cohort, Mike Burriss. This was our second get-together for the year (the first was a Smallmouth Bass slaying we did on Lake Ontario), and I’m […]

How To Fish the Fall Transition: Tips from Gord Pyzer

Gord Pyzer, aka The Doc, was a mainstay of the long-running Outdoor Journal Radio Show hosted by Angelo Viola. Here, in his first guest spot on Fish’n Canada Live, the Doc joins Angelo and Pete to give some insight into fishing transition periods. In particular, he provides helpful tips for how to fish the fall […]

How to Use Wood to Find Largemouth Bass

If you want to know how to find Largemouth Bass, you need to be familiar with the types of cover the species most often utilizes. When it comes to cover in the world of bass, wood ranks high on the list. In fact, it’s right up there with submerged weeds, lily pads and rocks. Basically, […]

The Atlantic Anglers Challenge and the Need for Citizen Science

The Atlantic Anglers Challenge

Over the last number of years, I have interacted with many talented fishery researchers here on the east coast. One of the most troublesome things I have learned is how much we really don’t know about our fisheries. Governments have chronically underfunded recreational fisheries and any research studies required to understand our local species. This […]

Where Bass Live and Eat – (BasSmart – Part 2)

Where Bass Live

BasSmart: Part 2 Where Bass Live and Eat In Part 1 we talked primarily about Largemouth Bass behaviour. Now we are going to drill deep into their habitat and the locations—basically, everything you need to know to track down Mr. LMB. Good Weeds Green weeds emit oxygen, which in turn promotes new life in the […]

Largemouth Bass Fishing 101 – (BasSmart – Part 1)

Largemouth Bass

BasSmart: Part 1 The Keys to Successful Bass Fishing (For the purposes of this blog, when I refer to bass, I am referring to Largemouth Bass only.) If you listen to some of the so-called experts, you might think you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in biology if you ever hope to hook up with a […]

Chinook, Coho, Pink, Sockeye: Is The Best Salmon Fishery In the World Doomed?

Not according to British Columbia fishing guide Vic Carrao. He says “a word from the west, once we’re clear from this crazy, world-wide pandemic, we’re still open for business.” Phew, we’re glad to hear it. Read on. If you believe everything you heard or read, you would think the West Coast is closed to fishing. […]

How Mental Health Connects to Fishing

Stress is a word that we often hear in conversations with our friends and family. Whether it is the hectic schedules we keep, family pressures, financial commitments or work-related deadlines, we all face stress in one form or another each day. Most of us work in artificial environments where almost all the light we see […]