2021 Fishing Season Anticipation: At All-Time High

If you would have told me 10 months to a year ago that this pandemic would be a great thing for outdoor recreational sports and for fishing, I would have doubted every word. However, it certainly looks that way. Hundreds of new anglers have decided that the water seems to be a safe and fun […]

Water, Water Everywhere

As a young boy, I developed a great interest in the inner workings of machinery. Investigating what made these intricate mechanical beings operate, soon became a lifelong endeavor. Over the years, questions and speculations about everything I was involved in, no matter the subject, raced through my head. The desire for knowledge grew substantially. Blending […]

Kevin Callan Reviews: Journey of 1000 Miles

Good news. Hank and Tanya’s second book – Journey of 1000 Miles – is now out in paperback form. It’s an incredible adventure! I’ve spent time with Hank and Tanya and their dogs at their Winterdance Dogsled Tours business in Haliburton, Ontario. They truly live an amazing life, and their latest book depicts it perfectly. […]

Fish’N The Arctic Update

Dolly Varden Char

Well, Great Slave Lake is at an all-time record high water level, and the fishing has been absolutely amazing. The high water sure has played a big part in helping get my boat into places I could not go before due to the shallow water. It’s also causing me to go to places that I […]

Camping on Crown Land

Camping on Crown Land

Check out my latest KCHappyCamper video about Crown land camping and how to use the Atlas, and figure out what species of fish are in the lakes and if/when they were stocked.  One of the Best Wilderness Assets Finding a piece of Crown land—a place that has good campsites, great fishing, and no crowds—is like […]

How To Make A Big Fish Look Small

I know. You’re saying, “What the hell is Bowman talking about now? Why would anyone want to make their fish look small?”  Well, I had a recent fishing outing with a couple of buddies. Not only do they starkly contrast with each others’ looks, when you add me into the mix, it’s like night and […]

The First-Ever “Official” Atlantic Canada Largemouth Bass

Update: The original post indicated that Largemouth Bass have been in the St. John River since the late nineteenth century. In fact, Smallmouth Bass have been in the river since then—1890, to be exact. Largemouth have been in the river for only the last fifteen years.  After many years of competitive angling, my interest in […]

Lodge 88 Owner David MacLachlan Talks Northern Ontario

Lodge 88

David MacLachlan is the Executive Director for Destination Northern Ontario, an organization committed to building and maintaining a strong tourism industry for Northern Ontario. He is also the owner of Lodge 88, one of Fish’n Canada’s favourite Northern Ontario fishing destinations. (Lodge 88 has featured prominently in many of Fish’n Canada’s most exciting Northern Ontario […]

Buck Martinez Loves Fishing | Fish’n Canada Live Interview

Buck Martinez

Buck Martinez is well-known for his career as a Major League Baseball catcher and manager for the Toronto Blue Jays. Currently, he’s known as the voice of the Jays, providing the television play-by-play commentary. A lesser-known fact about this sports celebrity, however, is that he is an avid fisherman. Buck’s passion for the outdoors and, […]

Paddling A Canoe: Solo Canoe Paddling Tips

Kevin Paddling A Canoe

There’s an art to paddling a canoe solo. But once you’ve mastered it, the wilderness is your oyster. Imagine how many remote fish-filled lakes are just waiting for you. Check out this video of some of my solo canoe paddling tips: The Goony and the J-Stroke There are a number of innovations when it comes […]