Kevin Callan’s Classic Camp Gear

Kevin hauling his camp gear

Maybe I shouldn’t have cleaned my gear shed. Finding a camp mug I’d used back in days of my high school “outers club,” or watching VHS tapes of past camping trips, really got me thinking. It’s obvious that things change. It’s a natural process. Heck, twenty years ago I had a mullet and wore John […]

2020 Fish’n Canada Christmas Wish List

We as anglers really love our “stuff”. Be it gear, gadgets, the latest & greatest, whatever it may be, our equipment is awesome. Of course, we never know what to get and if there is a bit of a budget constraint (should I buy this cool new what-cha-ma-jigger or maybe food for the family… hmmm… […]

How to Maintain Your Outboard Motor

You have taken your hard-earned dollars and invested them into that beautiful, black shiny outboard motor on the back of your boat. Well done. So now, do you just let it do its thing all on its own? Well to an extent yes, however, a bit of maintenance and a lot of TLC can go […]

Why Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope Will Change The Way You Fish

If you have been following Angelo and me on our seemingly never-ending deep dive into fishing electronics, you’ve most certainly seen our enthusiasm towards Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope technology. It’s no secret that this game-changing technology has completely floored us. And now, it has taken the entire fishing industry by storm. I’m not going to gab […]

Garmin Panoptix Livescope Makes Catching Big Smallmouth Easier

I’ve been working a lot with our Garmin units, trying to dig deeper and deeper into each “fish-finding” screen. (These screens include Traditional, ClearVu, SideVu, Panoptix, etc.) People may think that guys like Angelo and me instantly turn our units on and start seeing fish in every direction. The truth is we turn the units […]

Baitrunner Reels VS Big Pit Reels for Carp: The Great Carp Gear Battle

Baitrunner vs Big Pit

INTRODUCTION Having the proper tackle when you are pursuing a specific species is a huge determinant as to one’s success. This means that having a suitable rod, reel, line weight, and terminal tackle for the fish you are pursuing makes for a more successful and enjoyable angling experience. Let’s focus on a REEL key component […]

Why You Should Map An Uncharted Lake Before Fishing It

On a past trip to Ontario’s Algoma Region, Ang and I had a chance to really dig into one of Garmin’s extremely valuable features in the chartplotter/fishfinder world. This feature is called Quickdraw. THE LAKE We were based out of Buck Lake Wilderness Lodges and Outposts. Buck Lake (Lake Obakamiga) is a typical Ontario Walleye/Pike […]

Spring Boat Preparation Tips

5 Spring Boat Preparation Tips

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your fishing rig ready for the open water. Get a head start and avoid going into panic mode come opening day. Here are some of the spring boat preparation tips that we adhere to every year before we hit the water. Bonus […]

Garmin Pro Angler Summit 2019 Overview


Angelo and I just returned from the Garmin pro angler summit at their headquarters in Olathe Kansas and let me tell you, it was information packed. Information that comes from the pro anglers as well as the Garmin professionals (engineers etc.) The beauty of a summit like this is 2-fold. First, it brings together anglers […]

Impeller: Why You Need To Check It!


Here’s a quick little blog for you that is one of those hidden issues when it comes to outboard motors. Whether putting your boat away for winter storage or prepping it for the upcoming fishing season, proper maintenance is crucial. In this case, it’s usually in that spring prep time that the damaged item I’m […]