Lucas Cairncross has been fishing since he was three years old. He has always fished when he went camping with his dad and their friends. But all it took was one trip to a fishing outfitter with his Pappy to turn him into a fishing nut. Ever since then he has been fishing in new ways and styles and experimenting with new baits and techniques. His friend suggested he should start a YouTube channel, and so that summer he made his first few videos.

At the age of 12 he took his hunter apprenticeship and started deer hunting with his Pappy and duck hunting with his father. His first year hunting he didn’t get anything but was able to catch lots of fish instead, and that was good enough for him. His second season went well, he caught his personal best fish and personal best smallmouth bass, as well he shot his first duck. That next spring at the age of 14 he shot his first turkey. Lucas has been tying his own flies and bucktail jigs for a while now. He loves researching and creating his own patterns. This winter he caught his first fish on his own homemade Bucktail jig.

You can see Lucas sharing his fishing information at “Anything Goes Fishing” on YouTube.

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