Fish’n Canada’s Top 10 Live Bait Riggings

Sponsored By Princecraft Boats Fishing with live bait goes WAAAAAYYYY back into the early ages of fishing. Let’s face it, the idea of inventing and then using a plastic worm vs. using the real McCoy just does not sound reasonable. As well, we know how effective live bait can be. We’re fairly sure that “back […]

Top 10 Opening Day and Beyond Fishing Tactics You Need To Know

Sponsored by Princecraft Written by Pete Bowman, in collaboration with Angelo Viola, Ray Kohlruss, Ryan Flaro, Gord Pyzer & Steve Niedzwiecki In this article, I have decided to give you some of my opening day tricks and tactics that I have learned throughout my many years on the water. And as a first-of-the-fishing-season bonus, I […]

Top 5 Strategies For Multi-Line Fishing For Carp In Ontario

With the incredibly exciting announcement of a three-rod regulation for the pursuit of Common Carp in Ontario, I amongst countless Ontarian Carp anglers are jubilant for this incredible opportunity. In all the excitement, I have already found myself contemplating multi-line fishing strategies for carp in what is possibly one of the most prolific fisheries in […]

The Ultimate Late Fall Bay of Quinte Walleye Fishing Guide


There is a fall fishing phenomenon that has existed for a long time now that is anticipated by plenty of hard-core anglers from both Canada and the USA. It normally starts in October and runs right into December. Of course, as per the title of this piece, we are talking about the annual Bay of […]

Clear Water Vs. Dirty Water

Baitrunner Vs Big Pit

During this crazy summer of 2020, I had a rare chance to get together with my long-time fishing buddy, tournament fishing partner, public and high school pal and, of course, frequent beer-drinking cohort, Mike Burriss. This was our second get-together for the year (the first was a Smallmouth Bass slaying we did on Lake Ontario), and I’m […]

Fall Fishing Tips and Tricks from Gord Pyzer

Fall Fishing

Gord Pyzer, aka The Doc, was a mainstay of the long-running Outdoor Journal Radio Show hosted by Angelo Viola. Now, Gord’s informative segment, “Fish Talk with the Doc,” makes the leap to the internet, becoming a recurring segment on the Fish’n Canada Live Cast. In this new format, Gord is given even more time to […]

How To Fish the Fall Transition: Tips from Gord Pyzer

Gord Pyzer, aka The Doc, was a mainstay of the long-running Outdoor Journal Radio Show hosted by Angelo Viola. Here, in his first guest spot on Fish’n Canada Live, the Doc joins Angelo and Pete to give some insight into fishing transition periods. In particular, he provides helpful tips for how to fish the fall […]

How To Make A Big Fish Look Small

I know. You’re saying, “What the hell is Bowman talking about now? Why would anyone want to make their fish look small?”  Well, I had a recent fishing outing with a couple of buddies. Not only do they starkly contrast with each others’ looks, when you add me into the mix, it’s like night and […]

Paddling A Canoe: Solo Canoe Paddling Tips

Kevin Paddling A Canoe

There’s an art to paddling a canoe solo. But once you’ve mastered it, the wilderness is your oyster. Imagine how many remote fish-filled lakes are just waiting for you. Check out this video of some of my solo canoe paddling tips: The Goony and the J-Stroke There are a number of innovations when it comes […]

How to Use Wood to Find Largemouth Bass

If you want to know how to find Largemouth Bass, you need to be familiar with the types of cover the species most often utilizes. When it comes to cover in the world of bass, wood ranks high on the list. In fact, it’s right up there with submerged weeds, lily pads and rocks. Basically, […]