Crazy Way to Protect Yourself from a Bear

by Angelo Viola

Coming up with innovative ways to adapt to Mother Nature’s rules is what most fishing lodge operators do on a daily basis, but this could be one of the most outrageous ideas for composting we’ve ever witnessed.

Owner of Errington’s Wilderness Island in Ontario’s Chapleau Game Preserve, Al Errington, has been working in concert with his local bear community in ways that most of us would never dare attempt. But the results have been nothing short of amazing.  Living in the world’s largest wildlife sanctuary for almost 40 years now, Al has had an opportunity to study nature and wildlife in an environment that has not been affected by hunting or trapping.

Black Bears are one of the most important animals in the Ontario ecosystem,” says Al. “They are intelligent, very adaptable animals with enormous appetites.” Their biological instinct is to consume anything and everything that they deem to be edible and that gives them great latitude when it comes to variety.

Al says, “Their primary role in nature is that of a biological waste disposal system, nothing is ever wasted.” Their range of food changes significantly throughout the course of the year and for the most part includes carrion, nuts, berries, and insects.

Al authored one of the most complete bear behavioural documents we’ve ever read on It’s well worth the read.

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