Diaries of a Lodge Owner Episode 06: Muskie In-Depth with Pat Tryon

This week on Outdoor Journal Radio’s Diaries of a Lodge Owner podcast, I discuss muskie fishing in-depth with one of the most outstanding muskie guides in the province, Pat Tryon.

This regular guest of the show and friend of mine has over two decades of muskie fishing experience, and more than half of that as a guide. After thousands of hours on the water hunting down these elusive monsters, he has built, in my opinion, one of the most extensive understandings of these creatures. 

On this show, we dig deep into the where, why, and when of muskie fishing. We talk mechanics, and do our best to hook you up with the fish of 10,000 casts. So if you love big muskie, or just good stories, lock into this one as we talk about this cagey king of the freshwater!

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