Fall Is Here

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Well the fall has finally come and although it kinda’ sucks, there is some great fishing to be had. I look forward to this time of year but I just wish it would transition back to spring.

This year’s shooting has been going well (the season is already on television) and we’re still into it. Fall shows can be very entertaining as well as educating.

The Fish’n Canada Crew just returned from the Berkley B1 Bass tournament in Valleyfield Quebec and man it was impressive. Ben Woo and his crew did an amazing job bringing together some of the best anglers in Canada. Lake St Francis was the water we had to fish (it’s a part of the St. Lawrence River) which is a Bass factory. Ben held the competition there because of the potential of a 30 pound plus bag of fish coming in. He said he’s personally had 28 pounds of Largemouth as well as Smallmouth from there. Smallies were definitely the way to go for this event though. Although the 30 pound mark wasn’t broke, 3 bags of 24+ came in on Saturday.

I had the pleasure of spending the pre-fish period with Reno Viola… yeah, that’s right… the Reen Machine came out of retirement for this event. We had an absolute blast on the water. If you are looking for entertainment on your boat for a day, definitely get Reno aboard!

Angelo and I hooked up for the tournament (although Ang is still active in the fishing industry, he also hasn’t fished a tournament for eons) while Mike and Reno filled out the rest of the Fish’n Canada crew.

We ended finishing up 23rd & 38th which although was disappointing, it wasn’t bad out of 144 teams.

To Angelo, Reno & Mike; thanks boys it was a blast!

As well thanks to Brant Mills from Boat Tech in Pickering (905 686 5008) for prepping our trolling motors and LunkerHunt for the great Goby baits.

Here are a couple of fish we found in our scouting mission… of course never to bite again!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Bowman

Pete, one of the most revered and popular anglers in the nation, has a tremendous love for the game… the fishing game. Pete’s vast knowledge of angling and ability to articulate it to audiences worldwide has endeared him to his fans who still see Pete as just “ONE OF THE BOYS”. Pete is also an accomplished and published outdoor writer and photographer as well as a sought-after speaker. In 2012 another of Pete’s ultimate fishing career highlights occurred when he was inducted into the Canadian Angler Hall Of Fame, something he never thought would happen. A Canadian fishing icon.

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