GPS Rollover – April 6th

April 6/2019 Is Rollover Time

What is the GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO)?

The GPS system is world renowned for its ability to provide accurate and reliable positioning and timing information worldwide. The GPS satellites transmit to users the date and time accurate to nanoseconds. However, back in 1980, when the GPS system first began to keep track of time, the date and time were represented by a counter that could only count forward to a maximum of 1024 weeks, or about 19.7 years. After 1024 weeks had elapsed, this counter “rolled over” to zero, and GPS time started counting forward again.  This first GPS rollover occurred in August of 1999. The second GPS rollover will occur on April 6, 2019.

Is My Device Affected?

For many years, Garmin has anticipated and prepared for this event. Regardless, Garmin has been performing exhaustive testing of current and legacy devices to determine if they will be affected by the GPS week number rollover.  Our testing shows the vast majority of Garmin GPS devices will handle the WNRO without issues.

What is the Effect of a GPS Week Number Rollover Issue?

For GPS devices that are affected, after the rollover occurs, incorrect date and time will be displayed. This incorrect time will also be used to timestamp track logs, compute sunrise and sunset, and other functions that rely upon the correct date and time. However, the positioning accuracy will not be affected. The device will continue to deliver the same positioning performance as before the rollover.

Source: Garmin GPS Week Number Rollover Statement 

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  1. Roll over Beethoven….!

    Remember the horror back in 1999 when we were faced with the feared “Millenium Bug”? A little hypothetical critter we thought was just waiting to infect our computers and other electronics with all sorts of nasty things. Panic set in world wide, worried that it would somehow reset the dates and times to 00-00-00. Computer experts scrambled to come up with some sort of solution or explanation as to why things may stop working after the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. People held their breath! Gasping as the seconds ticked down to 12:00….HAPPY NEW YEAR !!….everyone froze and looked at each other. Their personal computers and cell phones sitting idle. Not a blessed thing went happened or went wrong.

    Likewise, stay calm and carry on and “carry over”. These fine tuned classical Garmin instruments will have anglers everywhere singing a song of praise with it’s unrivaled orchestration in handling the Week Number Roll Over without issues.

    Great stuff guys!….Now where did I leave my violin?

  2. I did not know about the GPS clock rollover and thanks for the article. My Garmin units are all showing the correct date and time which is good.

    I also enjoyed the article regarding the Rock Bass that didn’t give any head shakes. O he doesn’t know yet that he is hooked. Too bad Pete didn’t lose the fight. What a story on the big one getting away. I was wondering if Pete was using a Texas or Lindy Rig.

    Keep up the great work on this site. I enjoy the site very much.

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