Boundary Dam Reservoir, SK

Location: Boundary Dam Reservoir, Saskatchewan
GPS: N 49° 05.67036’   W 103° 01.45230’
Species: Largemouth Bass

This Hotspot is a unique Largemouth Bass area on Boundary Dam Reservoir in Southern Saskatchewan. It sits adjacent to what’s called the pump-house—where water is taken in from the reservoir and used to cool down the generators and turbines at the local hydro station. Areas like this pump-house always attract different forms of baitfish which, in turn, attract predator fish like Largemouth Bass.

Even though some of the immediate waters surrounding the concrete walls is very deep (25+ feet), don’t let that fool you: Largemouth swim and feed here daily. The south side of the building has the shallowest water with lots of weeds—another very productive spot. Our best presentations here were drop shot Senkos and tube jigs but it would pay to experiment.

As always, please fish this area with caution. Any time pumps are involved extra care needs to be taken for angler safety.

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  1. Pump me up baby!

    If I am not mistaken the area we are discussing near Estevan in Southern Saskatchewan, contains a Coal Fired Power Plant….a fish magnet to the 10th degree in my opinion. The fact that this hotspot sits adjacent to what’s called the pump-house—where water is taken in from the reservoir and used to cool down this coal fired generators and turbines while the heated H2O is returned from whence it came, ring’s a familiar bell with me and my better half.

    There was a time when a similar Coal Fired Generating Station existed in Cooksville/Lakeview in Mississauga Ontario, near what is now Lakeview Promenade Park. The stacks were better known as “The Four Sisters”.

    Our own wild experience can attest to this man made phenomenon’s ability to offer anglers just about every species of fish available in Lake Ontario….from Bass, Pike, Walleye, Trout, Suckers to Carp, in amazing abundance , 365 days of the year. Yeah you heard me right….365 days a year. We were out there in the middle of winter where the snow was up to our knees. You see, the warm outflow coming from this power plant kept the surrounding water ice free. No ice auger needed. Just a fishing rod, bait, hot steaming coffee, sandwiches, warm clothing and plenty of stamina.

    Sharing the experience with a few of our friends made for quite an outing, which by the way, we repeated numerous times. Man, you have not lived until you jump on this “Crazy Train”. Talk about doing everything “bass” ackwards.

    So guys and gals, relatively speaking, if you happen to know the whereabouts of the “Four Sisters” in your neck of the woods “drop them a line”. I’m sure you will not regret the relationship.

    1. This is another hidden jewel of Saskatchewan. I have been fishing the dam for 15 years off and on.
      We have always had fun with good results.
      Top water frogs also work great.
      Cast them onto the shore and then hop them into the water letting lure sit and float for a bit and then continue the same pattern across the weed bed. BAMMM.
      Great fun!!!!

  2. Hello all! Just wondering what the bite is like throughout the summer. If it stays as hot as it is in May. I am looking to head out that way sometime in June and am wondering what to expect for a bite.
    Thanks for any info!

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