Bowmanville Creek, Ontario

Location: Bowmanville Creek, Ontario
GPS: N43º 53.149′ – W78º 39.818′
Species: Trout, Chinook Salmon

This Hotspot is at the mouth of Bowmanville Creek in Ontario. Fish off of the piers into the river mouth using spawn on the bottom or under a float for chrome Steelhead or late-summer Chinook.

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  1. The (Pete) Bowmanville Creek is akin to many other creeks and rivers that flow into the Great Lakes being such, a visible plume becomes quite a distinctive asset. As some people may not be aware, fish like any other animal are opportunistic feeders. If the food is there, they will eat it. They gorge themselves when the opportunity arises knowing full well in their little pea sized brains, they may have to go days between meals searching the depths. A feast or famine kind of thing.

    With that in mind, the size of their meal would also come into play. Think about it. Would you yourselves rather eat small amounts of food over several hours or have one thick Porterhouse Steak to fill your belly….Right! So would these fish. They spend a great deal less energy chasing down a meal that will keep them satisfied over any extended period of time. That’s why your hear fishermen claim, “The bigger the lure, the bigger the fish.”

    This little plume especially the outer edges at the rivers mouth, is a prime source of these larger meals. That’s not to say Steelhead Trout and Chinook Salmon will refuse a “protein rich” roe bag when offered to them. Remember, all fish crave life sustaining “amino acids”. Besides, caviar makes a great appetizer for any meal.

    Now let’s get back to that plume. As I stated in another blog, it could indicate a difference in temperature, water quality, suspended sediment, depth or all four. Then again, maybe even an algae of some sort. In any case, this presents a great “opportunistic” ambush area. Any fish or other food source popping out of the shadows of the plume and becoming caught up in what I referred to as the “Perfect Storm” (perceived as the clashing of cold and warm water fronts”, are now faced with becoming a item on the menu of awaiting predators.

    Remember on the “Chinook Salmon Stocking Program” article I stated, ”If you want to become as successful as “Mother Nature, watch what “Mother Nature” does and then do exactly the same things….Observation should be our first plan of attack when fishing any area.

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