Brace Lake, Ontario

Location: Brace Lake, Ontario
GPS: N 50° 33.966, W 87° 18.674
Species: Northern Pike, Walleye

This Hotspot was loaded with Walleye of all sizes during our Fish’n Canada shoot with a bonus big aggressive Pike added in—and you know he’s not the only big beast in the area.

1/8-ounce jigs with a plastic attractor, like a curly tail or shad body, worked best for us. You need to use as light a jig-head as possible since there are lots of other snaggy-rocks hidden below the surface. If the area slows down, give it time and then come back—it will definitely replenish itself with fish.

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    Perusing the internet I managed to locate an expanded version of this Fish’n Canada article on Northern Ontario Travel website, dated August 1, 2018. Check it out.

    You’re welcome Angelo.

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