Cross Lake, Temagami, ON

Location: Cross Lake (Temagami), Ontario
GPS: N 46° 53.926’ W 79° 58.676’
Species: Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Lake Trout

This Hotspot is a protected bay on Cross Lake which can be accessed via Lake Temagami. Although Smallmouth prevail here, an incidental Laker or Pike is a welcome bonus.

Try a topwater or jerkbait on calm days and follow that up with a drop shot rigged shad or minnow imitation. Take care when navigating Cross Lake as it may not be fully charted.

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  1. tried watching or reading for the HOT SPOT ON CROSS LAKE <COULD ONLY FINDN THESE <N60 53.926 W79 58.676 .BUT THESE COORDINATES WERE NOT IN THE ANSWERS listed

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