French River, Ontario (Largemouth and Smallmouth)

Location: French River, Ontario
GPS: N46º 12.537′ W79º 56.338′
Species: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Here’s a great little topwater Hotspot that is tucked into the far back-water Bass reaches of the French River. Along with topwater baits, Senkos, spinnerbaits, shallow-running crankbaits and floating minnow baits will all catch both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.

Once you finish hitting this area, start to work similar spots throughout the channel.

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  1. Well, “top” of the mornin’ to ya Angelo! Huntin’ down some of them Ontario “Lock Ness Monster Bass”, I see? They can get quite gnarly if ya all keep feedin’ ’em those treats of yours.

    Fessing up to a little of that action of my own makings, our adventure occurred at a location where my Father-In-Law and his brother fished when they were young boys.

    Back in 2014 while visiting family in the area, my wife and I decided to wet our lines in the Muskrat River, south of Pembroke Ontario at the second bridge on the Trans Canada Highway (17). It’s quite the popular fishing spot, considering the number of anglers that launch their boats in the area. A good sized parking lot to boot. Either side of the bridge and particularly down stream, will bring in the bounty. Just be aware of the high paced traffic.

    Well the day started out in the usual fashion. Casting our lines under the bridge, we hooked onto some humongous 7 and 8 inch Pumpkinseed Sunfish….the odd one even larger. Then without warning the action completely died. The next half hour or so produced absolutely nothing. Not even a nibble.

    Then suddenly without warning, we began to notice something very strange going on in the water at the west side of that bridge. Hundreds if not thousands, of tiny bait fish were in an all out panic mode. The water literally “boiled” with excitement!!

    My wife and I looked at each other in confused amazement. Then it me like a brick wall, while the theme from “Jaws” played in my head. A predator had been in the area for the past while and is now voraciously feeding. Quickly, I came up with a strategic plan of attack. I cast my bait into middle of the cauldron, the bait fish scattered and within seconds my rod bent like a pretzel….Whoa Momma!!….Da fight was on!

    Whatever creature was causing this commotion, apparently decided to head up stream towards Muskrat Lake. Drag be darned, it took some fancy manoeuvering and a wet shoe before I wrestled that bad boy into my landing net. To our shock and amazement, a Smallmouth Bass, just over four and a half pounds.

    Let this be a lesson. When the fishing action “cools off”, don’t be so eager to head for another “hot spot”. A “Loch Ness Monster Bass” may just be canvassing in your area….!

    It’s got my vote!

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