Katchewanooka Lake, Ontario

Location: Katchewanooka Lake, Ontario
GPS: N44º 27.038′ W078º 15.828′
Species: Carp

This Carp Hotspot is a deep drop-off in front of Lakeside Cottages on Katchewanooka Lake. It’s a perfect Hotspot for guests at Lakeside as they can simply walk out of their cottage, cast out a line, then relax and wait.

Mike Williams (owner, Lakeside Cottages) has this Hotspot dialled in with respect to pre-baiting or feeding the area to draw in the fish. Once Carp arrive, they suck up every bit of feed and in the process, hopefully, find your sweet corn on a hair rig as well.

This is what we refer as a “perfect family Hotspot” because anyone and everyone can participate so long as they have the appropriate fishing license. It’s only accessible to Lakeside guests and, best of all, it’s extremely difficult to fish from a boat, leaving all the fish to the cottagers.

See how Pete and his son Hunter did at this location in the Fish’n Canada episode, “Lakeside Leisure.

Baits: Flavoured Corn
Presentation: Hair Rig
Water depth: 14-20 feet

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  1. Now, all the way from the beautiful Muskoka Lakes area of South Eastern Ontario where the Eagles fly and the fishermen soar even higher.

    Episode 481…The “Hunter” and the “Hunted”

    Starring : Pro Angler Pete Bowman and his intrepid son Hunter, in another action packed adventure of their ongoing saga, Carp-a-mania Hysteria.

    But first off let’s give credit where credit is due. Here is a brief introduction from the owners of Lakeside Cottages :

    A warm welcome to Lakeside!
    We hope you all have a
    wonderful holiday with us
    And enjoy meeting some of
    Our resort friends like…
    Alvin The Chipmunk
    Freddie The Frog
    Harry The Heron
    Mickey The Mink
    Roger The Rabbit
    Ollie The Osprey
    Simon The Squirrel
    Tommy The Turtle
    Resort Hosts & Friends
    Mike Eileen & Merlin

    Wow ! That is quite the lineup of outdoor Super Stars. The entertainment value alone is well worth the price of admission.

    Kawartha Lakes consists of 14 lakes in South Eastern Ontario. They stretch across Peterborough and Victoria counties, just north and west of Peterborough and 30–70 miles (50–115 km) northeast of Toronto. Ranging in size from 2 to 18 square miles (5 to 47 square km), the lakes form a major link in the Trent Canal, a waterway connecting Georgian Bay in Lake Huron with Lake Ontario. The lakes are Scugog, Sturgeon, Cameron, Balsam, Pigeon, Bald, Sandy, Buckhorn, Chemong, Deer, Lovesick, Stony, Clear, and Katchewanooka. Once the centre of a lumbering region, the lakes now constitute a popular summer-resort region noted for canoeing, boating, and fishing. Kawartha is a Huron Indian word meaning “bright waters and happy lands.”

    Katchewanooka Lake is one of the Kawartha lakes in this Ontario region. It is about 5 miles (8.0 km) long and .5 miles (0.80 km) wide. The Trent Severn Waterway flows through Lake Katchewanooka into the Otonabee River at its outlet just north of Lakefield, continuing southwest through Little Lake in Peterborough and on into Rice Lake. Lakefield College School lies on the east side of the lake.

    Katchewanooka Lake with its clean water and abundant fish population has been one of the popular lakes for Carp fishing, walleye, bass, perch and muskie.

    To make a long story short log on to the following website at for all the “hard hitting” details :

    As I said, the price of admission to this star studded epic adventure of “The Hunter and The Hunted”, is definitely worth the price of admission.

    …And that is nothing to Carp about !!

  2. A word to the wise for all you Landlubbers :

    As I pointed out in the Fish’n Canada article, “The Point Au Baril 180” posted on June 26, 2019 by Pete Bowman, be very aware of submarine (underwater) power cables lurking in the depths. In Katchewanooka Lake there are two of these wired pythons just waiting to put the squeeze on unsuspecting anglers. Specifically running from and to the main resorts on this water body.

    I should also point out, following “marker buoy protocol” in the summer months when boater traffic is at it’s peak, is of vital importance when navigating Kachewanooka Lake. Please follow the traffic lanes when meandering through this confluence.

    ATTENTION : There are several foul areas DANGEROUS to surface navigation in this lake. In addition, snags and stumps, of which the exact position is unknown, along with dangerous under water rocks of 2m. (6 ft.) or less are other treacherous obstructions. Failing to heed these nautical symbol warnings and marker buoys may result in a life threatening experience.

    You may recall my reference to the “Canadian Fisheries and Oceans Chart #1 of Symbols and Abbreviation Terms for Nautical Charts”. This booklet is a must have when deciphering the terminology of any and all nautical charts. It can be obtained from any reputable marine map distributor or by getting in touch with the following purveyor :
    https://geoportal.gc.ca/eng/Maps/Viewer/9 or call 1-888-247-5465

    Again, don’t always rely on your electronics to keep you safe out on the water. Reading up on Nautical Charts of the areas you want to fish and their meanings is your best and safest bet.

  3. One further bit of advice there matey’s :

    There are speed indicators throughout Kachewanooka Lake, so be careful. Conservation Officers and the O.P.P. alike will be on the lookout for violators. This is not the waterway to be feeling the “Need for Speed”.

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