Lac La Biche, Alberta

Location: Lac La Biche, Alberta
GPS: N54º 50.524′ W112º 07.036′
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike

This Hotspot is a series of humps in Lac La Biche in Alberta.

Angelo and Ray Kholrus found this spot with hopes of catching giant Pike but were ultimately surprised—in a good way that is—by the fantastic Walleye fishery La Biche has to offer.

The Walleye on this Hotspot proved once again that it pays big dividends to experiment and think outside of the box!

Baits: Big Swimbaits, Big Grubs.
Presentation: Work on Bottom.
Water depth: 7-30 feet

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  1. The deepest part of Lac La Biche bottoms out at at approximately 72.6 feet. Angelo and Ray Kholrus’ Hot Spot is located on a steep drop off, with plenty of surrounding deep water and prime time cover when fish run shallow, looking to feed. The six small islands at the eastern end of the lake are also worth investigating.

    Burbot, Lake White Fish, Northern Pike, Walleye and Perch can all be caught here. Walleye is catch & Release ONLY except holder of a Special Walleye fish harvest licence. Fishing season is closed April 1 to May 14. Open May 15 to March 3. Bait is allowed including dead bait fish.

    Official information can be found or call Alberta Sustainable Resource Development information centre at (780)-944-0313.

    The following waters are connected to this location. You should be familiar with them prior to entering the area, in the event that you are fishing bodies of water that have different rules than the current location.
    * Owl River – (from Lac La Biche upstream to Piche River).

    Have fun and be sure to stay within the local rules and regulations.

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