Lake Erie, Ontario

Location: Smallmouth Bass
GPS: N42º 43.351′ W79º 00.341′
Species: Smallmouth Bass

This great Smallmouth Hotspot is a deep water area along a major breakline in Lake Erie. By simply navigating with your chartplotter and Navionics Maps out from Crystal Beach, you can be fishing in world-class Smallmouth water within minutes.

Depending on wind conditions, smallie anglers have the availability of fishing both the north and south side of the lake. Just make sure you have the appropriate license.

Try dragging tube jigs and drop shot rigs, or hover over the fish and drop a jigging spoon right on their dinner plate.

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  1. Hey Alvin, if you read the information about “Lake Erie-Ontario” (Smallmouth Hotspot) closely enough, it mentions about fishing both the north and south side of the lake. The GPS coordinates that are given, are to insure anglers have the appropriate American Fishing License. It does state, “Make sure you have the appropriate license.” Reading and understanding the instructions carefully will in all aspects keep you out of serious trouble with the “LAW”. A good point we should all remember!

  2. Thanks for the input guys and great point Alvin, maybe the title is deceiving but that said, this is such a close US hotspot that many Canadians can access. If Lake Erie isn’t too ugly, it’s a quick trip over to some awesome Smallmouth fishing in both spring and fall. If you launch at Crystal Beach in the summer, the Smallies load up on the Canadian side as well. If anyone doesn’t have a boat, send Paul a note at he’s one of the best guides in the province and knows the water very well!

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