Mountain Lake, Meaford, Ontario

Location: Meaford, ON Mountain Lake
GPS: N44° 42.498’ W080° 41.526’
Species: A large variety of fish for such a small lake but primarily Smallmouth Bass & Walleye

This Hotspot is a little section of Mountain Lake on the Meaford Military Base that seemed to hold a great number of fish. Drop shot, finesse baits and topwaters definitely work wonders here.

Remember though, this is a private facility that opens its doors to a small number of the public through the local Rod and Gun club.

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  1. It appears Pete and Angelo are in for some tough basic training. As I understand, they brought their own “Guns and Ammunition”(rod,reels and lures) for this little “Boot Camp” adventure. Those “Drill Sergeants” can be mean. Sort of reminds me of what I went through at C.F.B. Cornwallis.

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