Miramichi River, New Brunswick

Location: Miramichi River, New Brunswick
GPS: N 46° 57.140, W 65° 45.578
Species: Striped Bass

This Hotspot is located on a stretch of the Miramichi River named Red Bank. During the Striped Bass spawning migration each spring, this area gets completely jammed up with rambunctious fish getting ready to reproduce. We feel these fish are striking out of aggression as well as hunger which is somewhat odd during the spawning season.

A fast erratic moving bait like a Yamamoto D Shad soft jerkbait in a bright colour will pretty much clean up here. The fish simply can’t handle it! Our best fishing came on the shallow flats, with only limited success on the main river channel.

This is a phenomenal fishery that everyone should try.

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  1. Hoping to go to the Miramichi this May, moved to New Brunswick two years ago and live on Oromocto Lake, great for smallies but want to try out the stripers for some extra action. I have also heard that the Sripers migrate up the Saint John and are mixed in with Muskie and Smallies, so many options, looking forward to trying them all out. Sadly there are no walleye in New Brunswick but we make up for that with all of our other fishing options.

  2. Great read Pete! As they say, “When your hot, you’re hot”. I can’t say that I have indulged in such hyperkinetic activity, but it sure draws an individuals attention to one of the best Striped Bass areas in Canada.

    Keying in on the subject at hand, I have dug up a few “confluent factoids”:

    Some people claim that the Miramichi is the “mother” of all salmon streams, and certainly this claim is not too far-fetched. The Miramichi River has been said to produce more Atlantic salmon than any other river in the world. But don’t just go for the salmon. Brook trout and striped bass round out the fishing season with high catch rates and large fish. The Miramichi Striper Cup Bass Tournament is a huge event, held annually on the river.

    The Miramichi River’s tributaries are integral to the main river’s productivity. While much of the main river is privately-owned, the tributaries are open for fishing in many spots, where you can reach them. Some of these places are difficult to access, or see low fishing pressure, which helps to preserve the river’s fish stocks.

    Salmon fishing is fly fishing only. As well, non-residents require a guide when salmon fishing in New Brunswick. It is well worth your time to hire a guide as well if you are new to fishing, or even just new to fishing the Miramichi River.

    Because much of the river is owned privately, it’s important to know where you can fish legally. Please keep in mind that to the best of our knowledge, these are public fishing spots, however, it is important to use this information combined with solid local information.

    To get you started, here are several locations of public fishing spots, not only along the Miramichi River, but also its tributaries. Please respect private lands and waters. This list is adapted from the excellent map and list published by the Miramichi Salmon Association, at http://www.miramichisalmon.ca.

    Northwest Miramichi:

    1) Allisons Run: N 47° 12.609 W -65° 49.071

    Directions: Route 430 from Miramichi to Urquhart Road – 2 miles past Wayerton on right (last part of road is rough)

    2) Wayerton Bridge: N 47° 08.108 W -65° 49.943

    Directions: Route 430 from Miramichi to Wayerton or Route 425 from Sunny Corner to Wayerton.

    Little Southwest Miramichi:

    3) Somers Bridge: N 46° 56.120 W -65° 54.492

    Directions: Located on Route 420 in Sillikers – bridge crossing over to Lyttleton

    4) 94: N 46° 52.915 W -66° 05.529

    Directions: Catarmaran Road off Route 420 – follow sign towards Research Centre, approximately 5.5 km

    Southwest Miramichi:

    5) Quarryville: N 46° 49.416 W -65° W 47.379

    Directions: Traveling north on Route 8 from Blackville – exit onto Route 108 – take street between church and Dawson’s General Store and follow to river – turn left and follow to the end of the road

    6) Government Pool: N 46° 36.473 W -65° 53.481

    Directions: Travel south on Route 8 past road on left which takes you to Arbeau Settlement – continue approximately 3 km to next valley (there is a small church in valley on the left) – exit to the left through field and continue to GPS coordinates on river.

    7) Cache Pool: N 46° 27.685 W -66° 24.750

    Directions: Traveling south on Route 8 exit onto the Cache Road which is located in the centre of Boiestown – this road will take you into the seniors housing complex – as you enter the parking road, you will see a dirt road on your left – follow this dirt road to the river

    8) Dungeon Pool: N 46° 31.349 W -67° 08.604

    Directions: Exit Route 8 and follow Route 107 to Stanley – continue on Route 107 past Irving mill at Deersdale and proceed to GPS coordinates – park on side of road and follow trail to river

    9) Forks Pool: N 46° 31.129 W -67° 09.158

    Directions: Located at junction of North Branch and South Branch of Southwest Miramichi – exit Route 8 and follow Route 107 to Stanley – continue on Route 107 past Irving Deersdale mill and proceed to GPS coordinates – will be on the right side of road


    Note that non-residents require a guide when fishing salmon in New Brunswick.

    Alerts for Miramachi and area:

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