Pete with a Nagagami Lake Walleye.

Nagagami Lake, Ontario

Location: Nagagami Lake, Ontario
GPS: N49 26.511 W085 02.472
Species: Walleye

This Hotspot is a medium-sized hump rising from the depths of Nagagami Lake in Northern Ontario. It’s a classic structure that will get even better as the season progresses. To see how Fish’n Canada host Pete Bowman fared on this spot, check out the episode, “Dual Frequency Nagagami Walleye.”

With water in the 50- to 60-degree area, you can try soft plastics on your jig but always have a bucket of minnows on hand just in case.

This structure tops out at around eight to ten feet, then drops off gradually to over 20, and finally plummets to 50 feet. Make sure you check all depths with your Garmin.

Baits: Jig and Plastic. Jig and Minnow.
Presentation: Short casts, slow retrieve, vertical jigging.
Water depth: 8-20 feet.

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  1. Looking at a topographical boating/navigational map of Nagagami Lake one will perceive several humps to the east, west and south of the island. Pete’s hotspot is among what I refer to as a “High Rise Complex”. Plenty of structure and cover as compared to the shallower southeast end of the lake. Humps that taper off to long plateau’s with the usual weed beds scattered around and then plunge into the depths, are prime holding and feeding areas.

    The north-east side of south Twin Island where it tops off at 9.8 ft. and down to a nice 20 ft. flat and then tapers off suddenly to 60 ft. might be worth checking out also. Don’t overlook the other side of the island. A couple of 3 ft. plateaus that taper off gradually to 20 ft. at the northwest end and plunge to 70 ft. at the southeast end.

    Anyway you look at it, these “Aquatic Cityscapes” will have the fish moving right in and taking up residence. Just drop them a line at their local address.

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