Pikes Feeder Pond, Newfoundland

Location: Pikes Feeder Pond, Newfoundland
GPS: N 50° 39.244’ W 56° 56.452’
Species: Brook Trout

This Hotspot is the head of Pikes Feeder Pond along the Torrent River near Hawke’s Bay, Newfoundland. It’s a tough journey to access this Hotspot, but very rewarding once you arrive.

In their 2013 Fish’n Canada episode shot here, Angelo Viola and General Rick Hillier used a variety of surface flies with either green or red being the most successful colours. Both fly-casting and trolling two to six-feet deep were very effective at getting fish to rise.

An interesting note: it is the law that all non-resident anglers visiting Newfoundland must hire a guide.

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  1. My first question Angelo….Did you get to try any of that smoooooth tasting “Newfoundland Screech” that has made the provence so danged popular?

    Back in 1972 while a crew member of H.M.C.S. Fraser, I had the opportunity to do just that, but in moderation of course. Ha! Ha. Yeah right! The reception and congeniality shown towards us from the people at dock side and in the downtown area of Cornerbrook, was nothing less than exceptional.

    Reading up on Fish’n Canada Episode 436, I can well relate to the all out friendliness of the residents that you and Rick Hillier encountered. If anyone wants to know the meaning of life, hop on over to “The Rock”!

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