Roothouse Lake, Ontario

Location: Roothouse Lake, Ontario
GPS: N46º 37.573′ W083º 08.323′
Species: Brook Trout

Roothouse Lake on GPS

This Hotspot is on Roothouse Lake in the Algoma Region of Ontario. It’s a subtle point jutting from shore and dropping into deep water.

The best ways of fishing a structure like this are slow trolling, drifting, anchoring, or easing your way with a trolling motor and fan casting the shoreline.

For trolling try spoons, spinners, or hard-body baits like crankbaits and minnow baits.

When casting try spinners, EGB spoons, or jigs. And don’t forget to drop shot a small bait like a Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm.

Baits: Spoons, Spinners, Plastics
Presentation: Cast to Rocks and Trees, or Troll
Water depth: 2-15 feet

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  1. Roothouse Lake is located in Zone 10 and directly north of the western tip of Manitoulin Island, the largest fresh water island in the world. Nestled in between Kirkpatrick Lake, Stover Lake, Moose Lake and Snowbird Lake it just happens to situated on Crown Land E237r.

    Now that you are aware of these factors, the Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary 2019 should be stringently adhered to at all times. This area is not your average weekend fishing hole.

    Lake Roothouse contains many shallow shorelines which drop off quickly into an abyss which allows for some extreme structural interaction. Angelo’s “hot spot” is a prime example of what can be accomplished in these relatively shallow areas. The two small islands to the south-west of the fore mentioned “honey hole” should not be overlooked in the meantime.

    As you see, the “depths of despair” should never be part of your fishing experience.

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