Pete with a Whitby Harbour Pike.

Whitby Harbour, Ontario

Location: Whitby Harbour, Ontario
GPS: N43º 51.453′ W078º 56.363′
Species: Northern Pike, Chinook Salmon

This Hotspot is the back end of Whitby Harbour. It was heavily featured in the Fish’n Canada episode, “Whitby Harbour Pikefest.” If you time it right, though, there will be a bunch of Salmon along with the Pike that gather here. An alternate area for both species with much easier foot access would be along the east pier closer to Lake Ontario. There’s a beautiful walkway and waterfront area right there.

Try casting and retrieving bright-coloured spoons in different sizes. Vary your retrieve speed until you find something that works. Flashy inline spinners—as well as jointed minnow baits—work well here, too.

If you are a spawn or roe angler, you should also do well.

Remember to bring a net that’s strong enough to handle a 15-20 lb Pike or a 30+ lb Chinook—it’s surprising just how big some of these fish are.

Baits: Spoons, Spinners, Minnowbaits, Roe
Presentation: Casting, Trolling, Float or Bottom Fishing
Water depth: 3-15+ feet

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  1. The Oshawa-Whitby area has for over 78 years, held the distinction of being the home of one of the most clandestine and covert areas in the world. Intrepidation was at it’s peak in the 1940’s with a world gone mad. I’m speaking of course about Camp X, a paramilitary spy training camp on the north shore of Lake Ontario on Boundary Road in Oshawa, just to the east of the above mentioned hotspot. In fact, just across the road from Fish’n Canada’s old offices.

    Interestingly enough, not only was this site a “Hot Spot” during the war, but unknown to many, it also has a little hidden “Hot Spot” offshore that can be accessed today. Over the time this camp was in full service, several coordinated operations were conducted in these waters. Remanence of which can be located in the depths.

    A man made fish structure like no other. So, hang on to your” gunnels”. This thrill seeking adventure will drive your fishfinder crazy. By the way, Ian Fleming got most of his inspiration for the James Bond anthologies from this training site. St. “James” Church on “Bond” Street for one example.

    Hey Pete!! Check out the reference to Bowmanville!! In the meantime for all you spy novelists out there….”This is the wonderful thing about espionage, nothing exists anymore”….William Stephenson.

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