Long Mountain Lake, British Columbia

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Today’s hotspot is off the side of an underwater hump on Long Mountain Lake in northern British Columbia.

The waypoint on the screen gets you there.

Vertical jigging big heavy baits was pretty much the only option here as we were concentrating on single, deep fish that we could see on the Garmin. 

Since we hit the water approximately 30 to 40 plus feet deep, we found the traditional screen on our portable Garmin was the best option.

Trust me, when a 20 to 25 pound Lake Trout shows up on a traditional screen, you’ll know it!

Drifting and/or back-trolling slowly, and then hovering over the fish we located, gave us our best opportunity of hooking into a giant.

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DEPTH: 30 – 40 Feet

PRESENTATION: Drifting or Holding with Motor

BAITS: Big Swimbaits, Jigs

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