Miramichi River, New Brunswick (Part 2)

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HOTSPOT brought to you by Garmin.

This easy access Hotspot is a somewhat broad area that, at certain times of the year, will have you hauling in Stripers hand over fist!

Due to the flow of the tides, you will need either a conventional anchor or better yet, the anchor feature on an electric trolling motor, to hold you in one spot.

If you’re not catching them at this Hotspot, move 50 to 100 feet and try again.

Keep moving in small increments until you hook up. There’s no mistaking once you find the right spot.

Your best method is to find fish with your electronics, then anchor slightly up current of them, and proceed to have a ball!

DEPTH: 19-25 Feet

PRESENTATION: Dropping cut bait from the stern of the boat

BAITS: Cut Mackerel

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