Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario

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Danny and Pete with a Wabatongushi Lake Walleye.
Location: Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario
GPS: N48º 25.920′ W084º 12.607′
Species: Walleye

This Hotspot is a rocky point about midway up the southern portion of Wabatongushi Lake in the Algoma Region of Ontario. It was featured in the Fish’n Canada episode, “Charting New Depths.” The waypoint on the screen will get you there.

We found fish anywhere from 8-20+ feet deep, so definitely use your electronics to scour this area for fish. We graphed and charted this point extensively, so the lodge now knows exactly what’s going on under the surface.

Slow Death crawlers—along with regular jigs and ice fishing jigs—worked best for us.

As well, this is the spot where we encountered Cornelius—the infamous fish-stealing loon! Keep an eye out for this little thief. Quite the sight to behold!

Baits: Jigs and Slow Death Rigs.
Presentation: Vertical Jig, Troll Rigs.
Water depth: 8-20+ feet

[flexiblemap center=”48.432000, -84.210117″ width=”100%” zoom=”15″ title=”Fish’n Canada Hotspot” maptype=”satellite”]

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