Add a Stinger Hook to Your Swimbait

What Are Stinger Hooks? When Should You Add One? During a Fish’n Canada shoot in Saskatchewan, host Pete Bowman found that the Northern Pike were short-striking his bait, resulting in a frustrating number of missed fish. “These Pike are loving our swimbaits,” says Pete in the episode, “so a complete bait change isn’t necessary. It’s just […]

Classic Tutorial: Fishing for Water Clarity

THE CHOICE ISN’T ALWAYS CLEAR A crystal clear lake. A muddy river. These different types of water bodies call for different types of bait. Water clarity can be a huge factor in determining what items in an angler’s arsenal will yield positive results. In this classic Fish’n Canada tutorial, host Angelo Viola explains and demonstrates […]

Look for Signs of Baitfish

Making a plan can be extremely important, especially if you’re about to tackle a massive body of water like Kabinakagami Lake. Doing your research, and drawing upon your past experiences, can be critical for being prepared and successful on the water. But being perceptive to the signs that nature provides—and being willing to adjust your […]

The Fish’n Canada KLP Formula for Fishing Success

KLP is the Fish’n Canada formula for how we teach the three most important elements in all of fishing: Knowledge, Location, and Presentation. Fishing without knowledge is like driving in circles; you just can’t get there from here. You can never have too much fishing knowledge. Study fishing by eating, sleeping, living, and loving it. […]

Tools Of The Trade – O-Ring Senko

Wacky-rigging soft stick baits is an extremely popular modern day Bass fishing technique for both Smallmouth and Largemouth. Placing the hook in the middle of the bait allows for a very unique and lifelike drop as the stick bait descends towards the bottom. There are two thoughts on rigging wacky style. The first is to […]

Classic Tutorial: Carolina Rig

In this classic tutorial—recovered from deep inside the Fish’n Canada vault—a moustachioed Pete Bowman demonstrates how to set up a Carolina Rig. “It’s as simple as you-know-what,” says Pete, “and it’ll work when all other methods fail.” Doubtful? Check out this tutorial and see just how quickly Pete’s rig attracts an aggressive Bass.  

Tools Of The Trade – Drop Shot

Dropshotting is typically a light line technique usually associated with Bass but can also be used for many other species. Having electronics on board is especially helpful with this surefire method for catching fish. The whole idea of this finesse technique is to keep the bait suspended off the bottom as you fish it with a […]

Tools Of The Trade – Muskie Figure 8

Today, we’re gonna talk about what muskie fishermen call “Figure 8-ing.” Muskies are known to follow baits right up to the boat. The Figure 8 is the final enticement before you lift the lure and re-cast. Typically, you look for following muskies during the retrieve. But you may not always see them, so do this […]