What Line is Best For Your Popper

I’ll admit, I’m technically classed as an Old-Schooler. And trust me, there’s no embarrassment factor involved. That said, I am always looking for “new and improved” in every facet of fishing. This piece is about reverting to the basics—in this case, the fishing line. This photo shows you the ultimate in Old School, the classic […]

How To Use A Flasher For Ice Fishing

Many anglers prefer ice fishing because it’s easier to reel in a high volume of fish by dropping your lure directly onto a pile of fish rather than trolling around an entire lake looking for them. However, to be successful when you plunk yourself down next to an ice hole, you need to know how […]

Add a Stinger Hook to Your Swimbait

What Are Stinger Hooks? When Should You Add One? During a Fish’n Canada shoot in Saskatchewan, host Pete Bowman found that the Northern Pike were short-striking his bait, resulting in a frustrating number of missed fish. “These Pike are loving our swimbaits,” says Pete in the episode, “so a complete bait change isn’t necessary. It’s just […]

Classic Tutorial: Fishing for Water Clarity

THE CHOICE ISN’T ALWAYS CLEAR A crystal clear lake. A muddy river. These different types of water bodies call for different types of bait. Water clarity can be a huge factor in determining what items in an angler’s arsenal will yield positive results. In this classic Fish’n Canada tutorial, host Angelo Viola explains and demonstrates […]

Braid vs. Monofilament

This informative KLP segment (Knowledge, Location, Presentation—the Fish’n Canada formula for fishing success) aims to clarify the differences between monofilament line and braid, and help anglers determine when to use one or the other. To see Ang and Pete put this knowledge into practice, check out the full 2014 Fish’n Canada episode from which this […]

The Fish’n Canada KLP Formula for Fishing Success

KLP is the Fish’n Canada formula for how we teach the three most important elements in all of fishing: Knowledge, Location, and Presentation. Fishing without knowledge is like driving in circles; you just can’t get there from here. You can never have too much fishing knowledge. Study fishing by eating, sleeping, living, and loving it. […]

Choosing The Correct Propeller

So now you’ve got that new fishing rig all decked out with the latest and greatest fishing gear and electronics. You drop that baby into the water, touch her in gear, throttle down, and all of a sudden your rig is nose in the air, ploughing water ever-so painstakingly slow! Well, you probably looked at […]

Tools Of The Trade – Spinners

Fishing lures with spinners make up a huge percentage of all artificial baits. The blades give the lure life by vibrating, thumping and flashing. There are four basic blade shapes: The Colorado is a heavy cup blade. This causes a lot of water resistance which creates the most lift and vibration. This is the classic thumping blade. […]

Tools of The Trade – Scent

Here’s a few reasons why scented baits are such a good idea: Freshwater fish like Pike, Bass, Walleye, and Carp have highly developed olfactory (smell) organs and are attracted to certain scents. That’s why so many freshwater bait manufacturers—especially of plastic baits—build the scent right in. Otherwise, scents are sold in containers as paste, fluids […]