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  1. When it comes to reading structure and cover it is best to think like a….no, not a fish….a humanoid. That’s right, we like any other creature on this planet require identical life supports….oxygen, food and shelter.

    Think about it, would you rather live in the Sahara Desert or the confines of a rural environment? Fish as we know, prefer to reside as we do, near protective structure (house), close to a food source (grocery store) where there is an abundance of clean oxygenated water (in our case, fresh air).

    Think of underwater structure as a submerged cityscapes with skyscrapers and apartment buildings. Weedlines as grocery stores. Humps as houses for protection from predators and other threats like…yeah, fishermen and women. Water with a high oxygen content as fresh country air.

    Constructively speaking, reading any structure and cover should be as easy as heading out to the mall with the family or vacationing in a mountain chalet.

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