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  1. When it comes to reading structure and cover it is best to think like a….no, not a fish….a humanoid. That’s right, we like any other creature on this planet require identical life supports….oxygen, food and shelter.

    Think about it, would you rather live in the Sahara Desert or the confines of a rural environment? Fish as we know, prefer to reside as we do, near protective structure (house), close to a food source (grocery store) where there is an abundance of clean oxygenated water (in our case, fresh air).

    Think of underwater structure as a submerged cityscapes with skyscrapers and apartment buildings. Weedlines as grocery stores. Humps as houses for protection from predators and other threats like…yeah, fishermen and women. Water with a high oxygen content as fresh country air.

    Constructively speaking, reading any structure and cover should be as easy as heading out to the mall with the family or vacationing in a mountain chalet.

  2. Hi, I (we) need more info on Rainbows.
    We’re going to Bowman Quebec in three weeks for some ‘bows. Usually it’s trolling with spoons and worms in the Spring. We see them deep (sonar). We need a good method.
    The lakes are relatively small and a down-rigger is not an option.
    Any tips (ideas)?

    1. Hey Brian, I have 2 suggestions.

      1 – If your fish are deep, try a 3-way swivel rig. You take a 3-way swivel, tie a piece of line off of the bottom ring and attach a weight to it (size depends on how deep, we use 6-8 ounces for 75-100 feet of water). Next is to take another piece of fishing line (about 3 feet long) off of the middle ring and attach your lure/bait to it. Finally, tie your line from your rod to the top ring. This rig is a but cumbersome however it’s extremely effective at getting your baits deep and staying in constant contact with the bottom.

      2 – If you see fish surfacing for flies etc., even in deep water, try a small suspending minnow-bait. Cast it out and bring it back with an erratic action. We did this in Parry Sound this spring and the Rainbows went crazy for it (40 feet of water, 1-3 feet down).

      Best of luck, hope this helps.

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