Tools of The Trade – Line Selection

There are basically three types of line: monofilaments, fluorocarbons, and braids.

You have to know some things before you make a selection.

What are you fishing for? For small fish and small lures with light tackle use monofilament. It’s relatively cheap and very versatile.

What kind of water are you fishing in? If it’s clear and shallow use fluorocarbon; it’s invisible in water.

If the water is deep, stained, or has a lot of structure, you’re better off with one of the braids.

How are you fishing? If you’re trolling, use braid—it has no stretch and it’s very sensitive,

If you’re baitcasting or jigging, you should also go with a braid—they’re easy to cast and very abrasion resistant.

If you’re still-fishing or spinning use monofilament or fluorocarbon.

And most importantly, is the line going to match the tackle you’re going to be using?

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