Tools Of The Trade – Muskie Figure 8

Today, we’re gonna talk about what muskie fishermen call “Figure 8-ing.”

Muskies are known to follow baits right up to the boat. The Figure 8 is the final enticement before you lift the lure and re-cast. Typically, you look for following muskies during the retrieve. But you may not always see them, so do this every time. Often, the sudden change in direction will trigger a strike.

Here’s the technique: The retrieve has brought the lure to within a rod’s length of the boat. While you still have 18 inches of line in the water, start making a complete Figure 8, keeping the lure at a steady speed or maybe even a little faster. The longer the rod, the more effective this technique.

Most important tip: no jaw-dropping! There is a very strong tendency to freak out and freeze when you see that monster following your lure. And usually, while you’re gawking, the lure stops moving, and the fish loses interest and turns away.

Do a Figure-8 every cast and you’ll be happily rewarded.

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