Tools Of The Trade – Rod Pods and Banksticks

Today, we’re gonna talk about some invaluable tools in the Carp angler’s arsenal: rod pods and bank-sticks.

Carp fishing in Canada is still in its infancy. So many anglers may not have even heard of these tools. But in Europe and the UK, they’re as common as rods and reels. This gear is primarily used by Carp fishermen, but any angler who still fishes with bait would appreciate this equipment, especially if he or she can legally use more than one rod at a time. This allows you to sit back and relax while you wait for a strike.

The bank-stick is an extendable rod with a pointy end that goes straight into the ground, and features some kind of locking mechanism to adjust the height of the extension and a universally threaded female receptacle at the other end that typically holds either the rod or a bite alarm and rod. In the simplest situation, the butt rests on the ground and the rod rests in a pair of forks.

A rod pod, on the other hand, is a fully adjustable rack for holding two or more rods, complete with bite alarms and butt rests. Fishermen on piers, wharves, rocky shorelines or boats prefer the rod pod for its increased stability.

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