Tools of The Trade – Scent

Here’s a few reasons why scented baits are such a good idea:

Freshwater fish like Pike, Bass, Walleye, and Carp have highly developed olfactory (smell) organs and are attracted to certain scents. That’s why so many freshwater bait manufacturers—especially of plastic baits—build the scent right in. Otherwise, scents are sold in containers as paste, fluids and gels. And no matter how you put it on the bait, they work!

For anglers, the most important thing about scenting bait is that it covers up the human scent. Any baits or rigs like today’s hair rig, that require a lot of handling to set up, put your hookup rate at risk if your scent is not masked. With their acute sense of smell, fish will also turn away from the slightest scent of gas or suntan lotion or any foreign chemical for that matter.

The other side of the coin, of course, is, if they like it, they’ll keep that bait in their mouth just that moment or two longer. That will jack up your hookup rate for sure! There are some anglers out there who won’t touch a bait until they’ve used that scent as hand cream. (This is probably not very popular at home, but fishing is a serious business after all.)

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  1. “Tools of the Trade” come from some of the most obvious sources sometimes. Covering human scent, gasoline, sun tan lotion or other foreign chemicals is quite simple and is least likely to offend the loved ones at home. Just grind some mud, vegetation or other plant life into your hands from the waters you are fishing and then rinse off accordingly. The fish will feel right at home with your new natural scent. This can be done as many times as required without smelling like a bait factory. The savings from using your scent as hand cream will soon add up.

    I have also discovered that all scented baits and attractants have one natural chemical in common….Amino Acids !! They are the structural units (monomers) that make up “proteins” in all organic material. This is what every plant, animal and fish crave and need to survive. Even us humans. The stronger the amino acid content the more powerful the attractant.

    Did you ever wonder what actually attracts sharks to blood in the water?! Yup! The “amino acid” (protein) in a victims blood. Like the aroma of steak on your barbeque!

    Like I said, “Tools of the Trade” come from some of the most obvious sources! Raising a stink is quite natural!

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