Classic Tutorial: Fishing for Water Clarity


A crystal clear lake. A muddy river. These different types of water bodies call for different types of bait. Water clarity can be a huge factor in determining what items in an angler’s arsenal will yield positive results. In this classic Fish’n Canada tutorial, host Angelo Viola explains and demonstrates how to select the perfect presentation based on water clarity.

For more information, check out another classic Fish’n Canada segment that provides further detail about what baits are best suited for which types of water clarity:


Colour isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting a bait based on water clarity. Take, for instance, Pete Bowman’s experience in the 2016 Fish’n Canada episode, “Last Mountain Swimbait Pike“: “These Saskatchewan Pike were keyed in on our swimbaits so much that nothing else came close,” says Pete. It’s evident that the Pike of Last Mountain Lake were aggressively feeding—there was hardly a break in the action once Pete and his guest, Rob Schulz of G&S Marina Outfitters, found the right presentation. But why were the swimbaits so much more effective than every other option they presented to these hungry beasts?

“In my opinion, it came down to two ingredients,” explains Pete. “Number one is the square boot tail which gives off tons of vibration. When water clarity is a bit dingy or murky, vibration becomes a key factor. Number two is the bait material composition—these baits are ultra soft. This means extra movement which creates more flash as well as—you guessed it—more vibration.”

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