Last Mountain Lake Pike

by Pete Bowman


Saskatchewan’s Last Mountain Lake

If Northern Pike and Walleye are high on your list and big ones get you going, then you should check out Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan.

Our crew just returned from a trip and it was fantastic. We flew from Toronto to Regina and after an hours drive, we were at our home base for the week, G&S Marina. It’s hard to believe that great fishing can be had within an hours drive from a major city.

Rob Schulz owns and operates a great fishing and hunting operation there and he is very passionate and knowledgeable about both sports. For this trip, we decided on fishing for Pike knowing full well that an incidental Walleye should be in the cards.

With the water in the mid 60’s F, concentrated on shallow bays as well as shallow rock points on the main lake.

A key to this trip was our baits. Rob sells Big Hammer swimbaits, a company that we have dealt with and used their product for years. When we first tried them out we were astounded with the action but our problem was 2-fold; we weren’t using them right and we went too big. Since they looked like a big jig that’s how we used them… it’s called a “Swim” bait Peetee!!! Just reel it in. That’s exactly what Rob and I did on Last Mountain and man did they produce.

The end result was loads of Pike, lots in the high 30” range, two 40 inchers, a 42 (the fish I’m holding in the image above) and Robs stalky 43¼… a beast of a fish along with a few big Walleye as a bonus!

Should be a great episode.

A huge thanks again goes to Fishing Saskatchewan, these guys always come through for us!

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