Licence-Free Family Fishing (May 11-12, 2019)

Thanks to Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the public will get more time to enjoy the fantastic sport of fishing at zero cost. This Mother’s Day weekend (May 11-12) is the second of four weekends in 2019 during which Ontario families can take advantage of licence-free fishing.  

Although the fishing is free for these weekends, there are rules by which participating anglers must abide. Make sure you download the Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary and look over the area (zone) in which you will be fishing. Please be sure to follow conservation licence catch limits (not sportfishing licence), and be mindful of size limits and fish sanctuaries (if still in effect in your zone). It’s all written out in the regulations.

You kids that get to fish for free in Ontario can now tell Mom, Dad, and any other adults that there are “No more excuses!”

What happens if you don’t have any fishing gear? Tackle Share is a great resource for people to borrow what they need. The site provides a map of their various locations, a great species identification map, and some other useful links. We recommend checking them out.

Wanna fish in the city? No worries, it’s all covered.

We here at Fish’n Canada have heard the age-old excuse of not wanting to go fishing because you must buy a licence. Well, fishing friends, this is your chance! Get out there this weekend—maybe we’ll see you on the water.

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