St. Mary’s River, Ontario

This Hotspot is known as the St. Mary’s Rapids and is located directly adjacent to the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We chose this Hotspot because of its easy access to a variety of fish species.

Muskoka Lake, Ontario

Location: Muskoka Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 57.500′ W079º 23.609′ Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a point for Walleye, Pike, and Smallmouth Bass. If the fish are cranked up, then throwing 3-5″ plastics are your best bet. If the fish are slow and lethargic, then you may have to switch to live […]

The Giants of Hawk Lake – Episode 503

This season marked a return trip to Hawk Lake Lodge, and this one was a special one. Along with the anticipation of amazing Walleye fishing, the crew was also able to meet up with a long-time fan of the show, Dustin Moncrief. At age 17, Dustin was diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer. This […]

Nagagami Lake, Ontario

Pete with a Nagagami Lake Walleye.

Location: Nagagami Lake, Ontario GPS: N49 26.511 W085 02.472 Species: Walleye This Hotspot is a medium-sized hump rising from the depths of Nagagami Lake in Northern Ontario. It’s a classic structure that will get even better as the season progresses. To see how Fish’n Canada host Pete Bowman fared on this spot, check out the […]

Lake Superior, Ontario

June’s Hotspot is a Speckled Trout, Lake Trout, Steelhead and Salmon waypoint… we know that because we just caught all of them there! Try casting spinners and small spoons like Cleos & Minnow baits up to 5″. Don’t hesitate to cast shallow and work out to the first break down to 12 feet.

Gord Pzyer – April 06, 2019

The Doc is the award winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine, the best coast to coast hunting, fishing and outdoors magazine in the country. Gord talks to Angelo about Ice out on the Lake Of The Woods and how bringing live bait fishing is a big mistake. You can read all of […]

Lac St. Pierre, St. Lawrence River, Quebec

This Hotspot is a very specific break-line on Lac St Pierre on the St Lawrence River in Quebec. It’s a major feeding area for Large and Small Mouth Bass, as well as Walleye and Pike. The current is deceivingly strong here so drifting baits very close to the bottom is the key. Tube jigs are the #1 choice here followed by curly tailed grubs and Dropshot finesse worms. Experiment with colors as the fish’s preferences seem to change daily.

Hotspot – 100 Years of Nipigon Brookies

N 49° 18.318’ W 088° 18.640’ Today’s Hotspot is where my biggest Speck of the day came from. The Waypoint on your screen will get you there. This is a classic current seam that Trout will use as a feeding & resting area. Spinners, Minnow Baits, and Live Bait will all work here. As a […]

Fish Talk – Ostriches and Walleyes

Hiya folks, I’ve got a question for you today: What do ostriches and Walleyes have in common? Well, the answer is ostriches don’t usually—don’t ever—stick their heads in the sand and Walleyes are rarely belly-to-the-bottom totally inactive. Walleyes are much more aggressive than we give them credit for, and that’s why you shouldn’t start the […]

Hotspot – Walleye on the Rocks

Onaman Lake – N49° 55.552′   W87° 34.985′ Today’s Hotspot is a shallow rocky point on Onaman Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. We found the Walleye up extremely shallow early in the day and had to carefully drop a jig and minnow among the rocks. By midday, the Pike moved […]