Shawnigan Lake, BC (Smallmouth Bass)

Pete Smallmouth

Location: Shawnigan Lake, BC GPS: N48° 38.721 W123° 38.829 Species: Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a subtle point at the mouth of a long bay on British Columbia’s Shawnigan Lake. It’s more of a flat than a point, but it does have some contours which attracted us in the first place. Since it’s only around […]

Lac St. Pierre, St. Lawrence River, Quebec

This Hotspot is a very specific break-line on Lac St Pierre on the St Lawrence River in Quebec. It’s a major feeding area for Large and Small Mouth Bass, as well as Walleye and Pike. The current is deceivingly strong here so drifting baits very close to the bottom is the key. Tube jigs are the #1 choice here followed by curly tailed grubs and Dropshot finesse worms. Experiment with colors as the fish’s preferences seem to change daily.

Fish Talk – Tube Terrific

Hiya folks, “Tube Terrific.” That’s what I want to talk about today. The thing that never ceases to amaze me about tube jigs is how they continue to catch fish. Whether it’s Walleye, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Lake Trout—everything, it seems, hits a tube jig. Even though there are exact replicas of crayfish and gobies and sculpin […]

Hotspot – Flatland Largemouth

Boundary Dam Reservoir – N 49° 01.027’ W 103° 01.862’ Today’s Hotspot is a nice run of weeds in Boundary Dam Reservoir. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. This lake has loads of weed beds that follow the shoreline so there are lots of fishable areas. Keith and I used the classic […]

Long Mountain Lake II – Episode 482

The sport of fishing just may be the most relaxing, calming and tranquil activity ever discovered by mankind. On the other hand, it can also be the most frustrating, humbling, and nerve-racking experience a person should ever have to endure. This Fish’n Canada episode’s location has the potential for being both. Who could argue that […]

All Access Smallmouth – Episode 469

This Fish’n Canada adventure takes place on Ontario’s famous Marten River, which is considered to be the Gateway to Temagami. And just a kilometre away from Old Highway 11 sits Marten River Lodge, celebrating its 90th anniversary. Lodge owner Ray Sapiano promised our crew unmatched Smallmouth Bass fishing in both the 24 kilometres of the […]

Maritime Smallies – Episode 465

On this episode, the boys are located on the Saint John River in New Brunswick, one of the most famous Salmon rivers in the world. But they’re not in pursuit of Atlantic Salmon. Last season, Ang and Pete were on the legendary Miramichi River, a couple hundred kilometres from Saint John, chasing down Striped Bass. […]

Killarney Triple Threat – Episode 459

“Let me tell you something, my fine fishing friends,” says Pete. “When I get something in my head in this great sport, I often get obsessed with it. For instance, this season I have yet to catch a big Northern Pike and, well, that just ain’t right. On a previous trip, I had my butt […]

Dropshotting Early Season Smallies – Episode 446

This episode takes place at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, two days after the Bass opener. “To me, opening day is like New Year’s Day,” says Pete. “It’s full of resolutions and promises. In my case, it’s pretty simple: set the tone for the season right now. Go big or go home! Boating a […]

Attawapiskat River, Ontario

Our Hotspot for this month is a small weedbed in a back bay along the Attawapiskat River in Northern Ontatrio. The Fish’n Canada guys fished this area in extreme high water levels and frigid water temperatures. In perfect conditions this place would rock! Try giant tube baits or other slow moving plastics and hang on!!!