Mercury 9.9 Contest Winners



Winner’s Name: Bernie Ikeda
Winner’s Location: Pickering, ON
Draw date: April 15, 2019






Winner’s Name: Brett Reed
Winner’s Location: Kitchener, ON
Draw date: May 15, 2019






Winner’s Name: Jim Byrnes
Winner’s Location: Peterborough, ON
Draw date: June 17, 2019






Winner’s Name: Sean Mclaughlin
Winner’s Location: Wainfleet, ON
Draw date: July 15, 2019






Winner’s Name: Roger Yost
Winner’s Location: Winnipeg, MB
Draw date: August 15, 2019






Winner’s Name: Graeme Price
Winner’s Location: Oakville, ON
Draw date: September 16, 2019






Winner’s Name: Jamie Paluck
Winner’s Location: Kamloops, BC
Draw date: October 15, 2019






Winner’s Name: Loleeta Turner
Winner’s Location: Vernon, BC
Draw date: November 15, 2019






Winner’s Name: John Czapski
Winner’s Location: Thunder Bay, ON
Draw date: December 16, 2019





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  1. Our “Go to” fishing program!!! Best KLP. Angelo and Pete, we appreciate all you do to encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. These contests are fun and we wish everybody good luck. Missed getting to see you at the Sportsmen Show this year. Next year for sure we hope.

  2. Great spot for fishing rainbow and steelhead is around Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. All the fishes has to go through the Sault locks to get to lake Superior. You never know what type of fish you’ll catch in the Saint MARIE’S RIVER from Perch to Salmon to Surgeon and everything in between.

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